Residential Services

Building Your New Home

If you are building a new home, you will be dealing with many professionals that specialize in their own trade. When it comes to low voltage wire design, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled team can help put together a home that can adapt to the forever changing world of technology. 

How does it work? In a nutshell, in order to put together your customized wire design, we would start by reviewing your blueprints and do a walk-through. At that point, our team would put together a detailed design of our recommendations for your home. Once we have the wire function and locations settled, our prewire crew and project manager would come do a final walk-through to mark wire category and type throughout your home. Our team works quickly to ensure we are in and out in time for your other trades to finish up. Once the prewire is done, we come back after all the construction is done to finish up! The next steps would include all your immediate technology needs for your home. From mounting TVs, installing architectural speakers , network solutions, building complex rack systems for home automation and much more – we get the job done on time. The final steps on our installation would be programming all your new technology and tutorials to make sure they system is up to your standard and user friendly.

Lauzon Sound knows what you need today and what your home will need in the future. We hope you can put your trust in us to guide you through the complex world of home technology. We know you are in good hands when working hand in hand with our experienced team of professionals.

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