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Filling your outdoor environment with quality music that appears to come from nowhere is now a very real expectation. Acoustic landscape will transform your backyard into an outdoor audio oasis. We can design and install an audio application so natural you’ll forget that you’re only listening to a handful of low-profile loudspeakers and subwoofers. Backed by Origin Acoustics lifetime guarantee, you can count on these for season after season after season.

Our Landscape Series includes several models of speakers in various performance levels in enclosures that mimic lighting fixtures. Hidden away in flower beds and planters or placed around the pool or other water features, these speakers blend in and become part of the environment. As these speakers are installed, the wires are buried in the ground or hidden in the walls. The result is sound that fills the landscape from discreet locations that are all but unnoticeable.

From sprawling manor houses to urban high-rise gardens, we can create your perfect backyard acoustical landscape. . Whether it’s an outdoor amphitheater or the small hidden satellite speakers, we offer unmatched service and lasting durability.

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Outdoor Speakers

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